Top 5 Ideas for your Pre-wedding

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Ready to tie the knot with your love and still looking for some dreamy photo shoot ideas? Here is a list of some ideas and beautiful location that will enhance reeling those moments of love between the two of you. If you think that pre-wedding photoshoots are Cakewalk, then think again! A lot of planning is required before creating a perfect shoot. For perfect pre-wedding photoshoot, you need to think and plan everything i.e. the theme of the shoot, photographer and the location.

Here are some of the pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that make your wedding day most memorable day of your life

  1. Get Bollywood Inspiration:

If you and your partner both are bollywood buffs, then a bollywood theme pre-wedding shoot is perfect idea for both of you. To make such shoot, you can create your own filmy wedding poster, ratify famous scene on beach and even copy the look of your famous bollywood bride and Groom.

As per our recommendation, always go for film poster that you’d be able to rewatch together even after a decade.

  1. A well-lit outdoor shoot

What’s better than shooting at natural locations that give you scenic beauty and natural lights that captures your emotions best. For doing a well lit outdoor shoot, all you need is to find spectacular natural surrounding that have plenty of light during the day. Depending on your location, you can enact your fantasy for love story set in the greens, stars or even by the ponds.

Decide the mood and perfect location for your pre- wedding shoot and plan timing for it accordingly.

  1. Mountain that Echo Your Love

Whether it’s male or female, all of us have a scenic beauty of mountains in our head and for perfect pre-wedding shoot, mountains are definitely a perfect location. A shoot on hills will surely add new color in your pre-wedding shoot book.

Always consider that location that fulfills the criteria for mountains and pools together, so that you can get awe-inspiring shots.

  1. Thousand Splendid Suns

A sunrise shoot held between 6.30 am to 8 am always leads to best couple pictures. Include this giveaway in your shoot list and get the most creative pre-wedding shoot ideas for special set of images. But before doing this shoot, one thing that stop your way is the location and all you need is a permission as many of such location are not open up so early.

  1. Adventure of Lifetime

If you both love adventure and looking forward for going off-roading trip to Ladakh together, then here is your chance. Just take your professional photographer with yourself and while hanging around the several places of Ladakh you can have one of the best pre-wedding shoot, all you need to do is just pick up your bike key and leave for your first adventure as a couple.

Best time to visit this place is June to September, especially when the weather is beautiful and shooting is more convenient.

A pre-wedding shoot is not only having nice theme or idea. The outfit, the photographer, the permissions, the props, a professional photographer and your Event or Wedding Planner everyone play an important role and if any of thing is not there then your shoot might get ruined. Now as we have given you kickass and unique pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, take any of this idea according to your like for your pre wedding shoot and make awesome memories with the love of your life for life!

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