Perfect Bridal Makeup for a Perfect Beach Wedding

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February 26, 2021
Best Wedding Planners in Udaipur
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February 26, 2021
Best Wedding Planners in Udaipur

If you have decided for a beach marriage ceremony, then certainly you are a free individual who loves to explore happiness in the lap of Mother Nature. For this very special day, you would certainly need to look beautiful and let do not want to get disturbed by harmful sun rays and cool breeze. At this phase, a wedding Planner plays an important role by providing you makeup that compliment your style and ensure that your special day shall denote freshness and warmth. At tropical site, wedding celebration requires less but effective things that will help you look best all over the wedding. Just consider one thing, don’t Overdo it

Tips for preparing yourself for Big day.

#SPF is must

SPF or Sun Protecting Factor is the mantra if you are visiting the beach side. Applying product with SPF will help you in long-term to prevent the base and let not make you look pink or red on your special day.

#Choose Radiant Makeup

Indian skin tone is normally on the brownish side, so there comes the need to use a makeup tone which renders a healthy yet radiant look. For a healthy tone, it is important to opt self-tanner and after opting for self tanner, its also important to apply it properly and moderately so that you should have time to correct any errors.


While having an Outdoor wedding, your face needs to look natural and for that it is necessary that you find some good quality and light formulas. Before applying makeup base, ensure that the appearance of pores get minimized while giving warm tone to your skin. One can use foundation to look pretty, but before applying it be sure that it should be light. If you want your skin to breathe in sun rays, opt for a tinted moisturizer.

#Eyes and Eyebrows

Give a natural-looking appearance to your look by making a perfect frame to your eyebrows and applying kohl to your eyes. For lighting up your eyes, always use smudge proof eye produt that stay for longer period of time.

#Cheeks and Lips

Textures, shades, and grains! It is advisable that the blush is in cream or gel will yield a natural effect and it will not fade after long hours in the warmth. Always keep your lips moist with creamy formula. Refuge to the colors with golden undertones, they are prove to be long lasting and providing you a natural look.

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