The Trident


The Trident

Trident Hotel, Udaipur is set in a picturesque harmony of comfort and luxury. This palatial property offers an unmatched hospitality with a thoughtfully curated venue for your special occasion. The incredible KP Event’s friendly staff takes pride in providing a venue so beautiful to behold and in taking care of their guests genuinely so that each event held there is an experience to cherish.

Select a Trident Udaipur wedding package that fits your budget and requirements. The Trident Udaipur wedding cost depends upon the package deals and offers. Witness the shades of Rajasthan at this exotic location. It has a myriad of services that provide benefits of two worlds in terms of quality and prices.

Its major services include multiple wedding spaces, bridal rooms, efficient hotel management staff as well as proficient wedding service providers.

With opulent interiors and a great regal appeal attached to the place, Trident Hotels can accommodate a wedding of 750 people and offer you 121 rooms with a venue which is bound to make you and your guests feel special and the management of the hotel will ensure that you are well-attended for fulfilling all your needs and demands and your guests have a great stay for however a brief time it may be.