Cost of a destination wedding at the Lakend, Udaipur

destination wedding at Radisson blu Udaipur resort & spa
Cost of a destination wedding at Radisson blu Udaipur resort & spa
August 17, 2021
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Total Cost of Planning a Destination Wedding in Udaipur
October 8, 2021
Cost of a destination wedding at the Lakend, Udaipur

Cost of a destination wedding at the Lakend, Udaipur

Wedding planning can be a bit of a hassle, especially if it’s for a faraway destination. There are numerous things to keep track of, starting from finding the perfect venue to reserving places on your guest list. The Indian wedding season is here again and brides are all busy with their wedding plans, whether it’s an out-of-town or nearby wedding. A destination wedding can open up exciting new possibilities for where you are going to get married or renew your vows.

Choosing the perfect destination for hosting your wedding is no doubt a dream come true. The beautiful landscapes or stunning beaches are among the things that attract most couples towards destination weddings. However, it is not just about the budget that matters at this point but it is also related to certain other factors that can affect your overall enjoyment.

Best Wedding Planners in Udaipur
Cost of a destination wedding at the Lakend


The Lakend Hotel is one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in Udaipur that offers ultimate hospitality to its guests. This luxury has made it a top choice for destination weddings in Udaipur. The hotel offers a landscaped manicured garden and landscaped lawns surrounding the hotel. The touch of nature adds beauty to the joyous event. It makes the bond between the bride and the groom stronger, elevating their relationship from a normal one to something divine. It’s an occasion when familial ties are bound together in a sacred ceremony.


Entertainment is one of the most important aspects that are considered while planning a wedding. For this, you need to find talented people that will spice up the party by entertaining your guests with their best performance. To keep your guests on their toes, you can choose from a number of cabaret entertainment options. From dancers to comedians, magicians, or even live bands, at the Lakend; we have it covered!

Hop around the dance floor with your friends and family to set some great memories in motion. Ensure your entertainment options are offered alongside decor items like our photo backdrops, centerpieces, and more.


Astonishingly, food has been one of the topmost priorities during any type of wedding. Along with it, the decoration, seating arrangements, and ambiance all play an important part in your wedding. The wedding not just represents your union but also portrays your status in society. So obviously, every little detail has to be done smartly.

Due to the rich historical past of this region, Rajasthan is a treasure trove of both traditional and unique food specialties. The cuisine in Udaipur boasts a blend of local flavors and spices with those transported from other parts of India. This, therefore, makes the food served at the Lakend, a unique fusion of traditional and modern flavor.

Total Cost

The price for a destination wedding in Udaipur at the Lakend will vary depending on the size of the gathering. For an intimate event with up to 150 attendees, the total price will be around 37-40 lakh rupees including taxes. For events with 200 guests or more, an event of this magnitude will cost between 46-60 lakhs INR.

Kp Events – A leading Destination wedding planner

Kp Events is a leading Destination wedding planner and specializes in destination weddings. We provide wedding planning, coordination, and design services to couples who would like to combine their perfect setting with flawless execution and an array of special wedding day touches. Our wedding planners cater to lovers, breathless parents and grandchildren, friends, family members, and business associates. If you are looking for a destination wedding planner, Kp Events is your solution. Destination wedding planning involves managing all the details of getting married in an exotic location that would take you away from your normal day-to-day life. They need detailed attention since this is an important event for people, which is why it calls for the services of a professional planner.

For over a decade we’ve been helping couples to plan and execute their perfect alternative wedding and we take pride in our ability to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry. We take the time to understand your requirements, budget, and vision for your day, working efficiently at every stage from concept to handover. In this fluid market, we’re constantly upskilling, learning from past projects, and anticipating new trends.

Kp events is a young and dynamic wedding planner and we provide outstanding service to clients making it the ultimate wedding planning experience. Our company suggests event planning and designing that can be easily branded to match any theme or tone of your wedding. We also offer services like transporting the entire wedding party from one venue to another, installing complete settings for guests, proposing pre-wedding photoshoots, coordinating with various vendors, and much more.

Palaces have a special aura. They are not just a heritage placed but collateral of its time and civilization. People have the affinity to dwell around the past and so there is a charm in palaces. They have been influential in shaping both cultures as well as society as a whole. If you wish to be a part of that kind of memorable event then Kp Events organize a Palace wedding in Udaipur can create that extraordinary impression on your guests. Kp event is a one-stop destination for different types of event planning services. From party planning to corporate events, we provide the best and the most effective services for all your event needs and requirements. We aim at providing you with the most innovative ideas and methods to make your every event a grand success.

KP Events is a beautiful and memorable event planning and management company that can be hired for organizing any event. It makes life easy for clients to celebrate every single moment of it by managing the entire event with perfection and ease to offer relaxation, convenience, and happiness to everyone attending such events. Our events are meant to be celebrations that positively affect everyone that takes part, and we like to think that our events are there to make people happy.

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