Cost of a destination wedding at Chunda Palace Udaipur

Cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur
Cost of a destination wedding in
July 30, 2021
destination wedding at Ananta Udaipur
Cost of a destination wedding at Ananta Udaipur
August 12, 2021
destination wedding at Chunda Palace Udaipur

destination wedding at Chunda Palace Udaipur

Udaipur stands apart from other popular tourist attractions in India for one reason: The people. If you are looking for a destination to tie the knot with your soul mate, look no further. Plan yourself a wedding at Chunda Palace Udaipur, and enjoy a lifetime of memories. We don’t often consider that planning and having a wedding can get pretty expensive. But it doesn’t have to be, not when you choose the right venue, avoid unnecessary expenses and be creative. The city is known for its natural beauty which is showcased during the numerous festivals celebrated throughout the year. Udaipur is also popular for its palaces, lakes, and temples which are frequented by tourists from across the world. This article will address this question by giving you all the necessary.

Everyone dreams of a destination wedding, a place that everyone visits once in a lifetime. Udaipur is the most sought-after destination wedding location for many newlywed couples. It attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world due to its numerous tourist attractions, vibrant culture, and warming hospitality. In recent years, many couples are looking at Udaipur as an international wedding destination, and Udaipur is one of the places in India which has brought back this craze among Indians who have started looking for destinations like this for their weddings. It is also popular because of its historical background and scenic locations for wedding parties as well as for honeymooning tours.

Best Wedding Planners in Udaipur


Accommodation is the most important factor that everyone will have. This duration of time the guests will be staying over in your hotel or resort. The hotel’s sophisticated amenities, friendly atmosphere, and scenic location make it the ideal place for travel, relaxation, business trip, and vacation. This facility guarantees affordable luxury amidst the natural splendor of peaceful surroundings. Chunda palace offers 46 rooms and suites, with a large indoor and outdoor presence for ceremony and reception. The indoor wedding venue has a cozy atmosphere, can hold between 60-80 people and is surrounded by beautiful decorations of flowers. For a 2 night, a 3-day event held, the accommodation cost for 150 guests is approx 12 lakhs. If 200 guests are accommodated, the total cost is approx 18 Lakhs.


Planning a wedding is always a task that requires a lot of patience and effort. You have to bring all the elements together in order to make the special day a memorable one for your partner. Especially when you are trying to decide about the decor, entertainment, or wedding planning at the Chunda Palace Deluxe Resort, it’s always helpful to get some hint from someone who has done it before. With its wedding planner in place, everyone can feel free and easy to get truly personalized services. Each couple gets to work with a dedicated team that takes care of everything from decor to catering to entertainment.

We, at Kp Events always keep in mind that your wedding is a celebration of your happiness and solemnizing the commitment you take for each other. That is why we give careful thought to every single detail involved in planning, executing with taste, and integrating technology, to ensure a magical experience for all.

Generally, people are attracted to the taste of food. It could be on the occasion of celebrating any auspicious functions or like birthday or wedding ceremony. On these occasions, we all try to please the guests by serving special delicacies to them. Most of the people like Chunda Palace Delicacies. Chunda Palace Delicacies are a team of expert chefs who offer traditional delicacies for weddings and other occasions.  Here at Chunda palace, their primary goal is to provide clients with dishes that are fresh, delicious, and offers the most appetizing real-world flavors. They only use the finest ingredients so you don’t have to make any sacrifices between taste and quality. With our custom packages, couples can expect the total cost of organizing a wedding with Chunda Palace to range between 45 lakhs – 55 lakhs.

KP Events- a leading wedding planner company

Kp Events, an event management company is bringing the Royal Wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The historical place has come alive on the occasion of major family celebrations as Kp events planned everything aspirational and royal wedding at Chunda Palace Udaipur. We have a very good experience in wedding planning of a Palace wedding planner in Udaipur, we know how to manage guests, provide extra facilities to them and know how to manage all types of wedding events. We provide different packages to our clients. They have the option to choose their desired package from our list. We have experienced staff members that are ready to complete your dream event easily without any error. And one thing very important is that it’s fully safe. A destination wedding in Udaipur can be every bit as incredible as any other destination wedding you’ve heard about or read about. A destination wedding in Udaipur will take you to another world altogether. A land full of love, beauty, and enchantment; this is what your wedding will look like if you choose to get married in this city of dreams.

Kp Events is one of the leading Royal wedding planners in Udaipur and India’s most trusted and experienced wedding planner in Udaipur. With its rich heritage and unparalleled royal grace, Udaipur still manages to give you the feel of a romantic Rajasthani village. The winding lanes enveloped by lush green gardens, local bazaars, old palaces, and massive lakes still manage to give you that “Swadeshi” atmosphere. Kp Events is not just a wedding planner but the entire one who is related to the wedding. In the past few years, we have been experiencing festive mood festivals and marriage ceremonies. These are celebrated with pomp and show. Even royal weddings were not behind in organizing big parties and celebrations. The festive season of marriage has arrived. Contact Kp Events and make your dream come true.

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