Bambolim Beach Resort


Bambolim Beach Resort

Bambolim Beach Resort located in Goa, launched in 1989 is a beautiful and well-designed property. You could also hire your preferred banqueting team to create your customized menu. The wedding venue offers two-time slots, so you can choose the one that is perfect for the occasion. They also offer in-house alcohol and permit from outside as well. They also have an in-house decorator for your special occasion, so that you can customize your event as per your taste and preferences.

With 125 rooms and ample space for all your events, it brings a good ambiance for all your guests and family to the table as well. Bambolim Beach Resort has had the opportunity to have held many events; that comes with an utmost experience of customer service built from an experience through all these years of work.

It comes with a whole lot of real estate for your guests to easily spread upon a vast area. Space plays a major role in the functioning of any event.

They permit provide inhouse catering for your event to feel your own in accordance with your taste and preferences. Folks down at Bambolim Beach Resort, will make you and your guests feel at home since they offer the best hospitality in the game. Wedding comes with different activities to be looked after upon, Venue has the most worthy element since it plays a vital role in the process. They provide a plethora of options to pick up from services. Since the essence of the enjoyment revolves around music at a wedding night for all to enjoy. A wedding has many major roles but venue has to be the most important since everything you plan is sheltered by this very decision so making it a wise once is important; Bambolim Beach Resort has all the experienced staff and amenities you need since their long run in the field which makes them a good option to opt for.